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Young Investors & Families

The first step is always the hardest.  The same can be said for the first investable dollar.  Current expenses and bills, debt, buying a home or property, your company retirement plan, insurance, kids’ education – where do I start?

We hear this a lot.  Sometimes a little organization and planning can go a long way.  Our goal is to help you see your earning, spending, and savings in one place.  Then we help our clients generate a plan to help maximize their wealth for the long term to answer that first question of where to start.

By working with Portfolio Advisory Associates, you can expect to have a consistent resource who knows you and your family’s goals with an advisor that will be with you along the journey.  For questions on whether to buy or lease a car, how to invest in your company retirement plan, or how to reduce your taxes, consider us your financial concierge. 

We are also completely independent advisors meaning we don’t work for a company who also provides financial products.  Whether it’s home insurance, investments, or taxes we will find the solutions in your best interest or work collaboratively with strategic partners who can provide you the education to make more confident decisions.  We also typically charge the same fee regardless of which product you use to further reduce bias.

Initial, no hassle meetings are free for qualified prospective clients.  Schedule a meeting today.


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